Schedule, subject to change

6/5 Introduction to the course and Java: Programmer Tools, Fundamental Java Structures
Assign 0 out
Object-oriented Programming, Javadoc
6/12 Object-oriented Programming, Inheritance and Polymorphism; Packaging
Assign 0 due
Assign 1 out
Inheritance review, Abstract classes, Interfaces, Exceptions, Intro to I/O Streams
Assign 2 out
6/19 I/O: Streams, serialization
Assign 1 due
Streams, Compression, Cloning, Collections
Assign 2 due
Assign 3 out
6/26 Inner Classes
Intro to Graphics Programming
Swing, GUIs, Layout Managers, Events
Jars, Factories
Assign 3 due
Project 1 out
7/3 No class More GUIs
7/10 GUIs, Graphics Programming UI design; Regular Expressions
Project 1 due, sign up for demos
Assignment 4 out
7/17 No Class
Project 1 demos
Assignment 4 due
Assignment 5 out
7/24 Threads Network Programming
Assignment 5 due
Assignment 6 out
Project 2 handed out
7/31 Networking, XML Web development, Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP)
Assignment 6 due
8/7 Overview of Other Java libraries: applets, JDBC, RMI;
Review for final
Project 2 demos (submitted on Wednesday)
Final Exam