CISC 105 Lab 02 FAQ

For each of the following questions, I'll give suggestions for "troubleshooting" the problem.

Do you want us to put comments at the top of the program describing what the program does?

For this assignment, I expect that you will describe the program at a high level at the top of your program. The description does not need to be long. Just write what you're doing in your own words.

How do you print a % sign?

"%" is a special character. You have to use "%%".

What does "in a single run" mean in question 4?

That means print out all the answers in one program... When you run ./a.out, you should see all the results.

How do you want us to put part 5 of the lab in the script since it won't compile?

It should compile, right? It just doesn't run. So, do what you normally do... Cat, compile, and execute, and I'll see the error message when you attempted to run the program.

Do we need to use scanf for part 7?

No, it's not necessary. We didn't get to scanf by the time we started this lab. Just assign a value to the radius.

For part 8 where we do the table with columns involving tabs, I'm sort of confused as to what it means as far as the tabs are concerned

Tabs align the code nicely. If instead of tabs you tried to print the 10 rows of integers with, say, 8 spaces between each number, you wouldn't get the left aligned output. Try out the lines 3, 4, and 5 once with spaces and then tabs. If you still don't understand, check back with me.

Do we use a "while" statement in question 8 so that we only need one printf statement to get the 10 rows of integers?

You do not need to use a "while" statement. We hadn't gotten to that yet by the time you started lab 2.