CISC 105 Lab 00 FAQ

For each of the following questions, I'll give suggestions for "troubleshooting" the problem.

· What additional information am I supposed to put on the submitted lab files?

Put your name, section, and the lab name on the first page of your submission. Label each individual file with its name. Don't forget to staple your submission!

For future labs, refer to the submission standards.

· Can I get Emacs for my personal machine?

Yes, for information about downloading Emacs for Windows, refer to Professor Harvey's Useful Links page. Then, follow the directions on the Emacs page for installing it on your Windows machine.

· Is it possible for me to work on these labs in the dorms without going to the lab?

Yes, you can ssh into strauss from home, just like when you use a terminal on strauss on one of the lab machines.

· Where can I get SSH for my home machine?

UD has a web page where you can download useful software, such as an SSH client.

·Can you explain the printing command?

Sure, in lab, we told you to use, for example, qpr -q whlps lab00.dat. qpr means print to a queue.

In a general form, the command is qpr -q <printer_name> <file_name>

When we are in lab, we print to the Willard Hall printer, which is named "whlps". If you want to print in Smith, make sure you check the name of the printer (smips) and print to that one instead of to whlps.

For more information about printing on UNIX, see this page.