CISC 105 Example

Objective: a problem for students to work through during the individual code review sessions. The problem will foster discussion about how to organize and think about writing a solution.

Problem: Your boss needs to determine the paycheck for several employees. The boss has a file containing a list of numerical employee ids, the number of hours the employee worked this week, and the employee's hourly pay rate (in dollars). If an employee works more than 40 hours, he gets paid time and a half for the overtime. (1.5*payrate*overtime_hours) If an employee works more than 60 hours, she gets paid double time for the overtime. (2*payrate*overtime_hours)

Example Input File:

employee_id1   num_hours1   pay_rate1
employee_id2   num_hours2   pay_rate2
employee_idn   num_hoursn   pay_raten

Your task: Determine the pay for each employee in the boss's data file.

Output Specification: Print a table of employee ids, pay rate, hours worked, and the calculated salary. The output should be neatly lined up.

Questions to ask yourself:

After you've coded a solution, you should look through your code and do some housekeeping.

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