Customizing Your Environment

If you have any questions about stuff you want to customize, email me and I'll add the answer on this page.

Customizing Your Shell

First, Make sure that you've changed your default shell to tcsh. Go back to lab00 and follow the steps if you haven't done that yet.

Not sure what shell you're running? Try echo $SHELL

Customizing Emacs

Customizing foreground and background:

Customizing font colors:

Now that you have a starting point (the .emacs file), you can customize your colors to be whatever you want by modifying your .emacs file. To get you started, I'm posting a link to a list of colors available for emacs.

It's fun, but don't spend too much time customizing your colors! Just make sure that it makes programming easier for you.

Customizing your Xterm

Customizing X

There are lots of things that you can customize in the X windowing system. Rutgers has an informative page about using X that you may find useful.